Well I really should try to write more in this Blog thing, it's been left all alone for over two years!! Shocking.
So whats been happening? Firstly I finished the images mentioned in the post below. It was quite a challenge getting the snow and ice right and "interesting" but you can see the result here.


posted 8 Apr 2017, 11:04 by Richard Fraser   [ updated 8 Apr 2017, 11:06 ]

Very happy to be off to Canada tomorrow to start a contract with MPC. I'm going to be working on a couple of upcomming films in their Montreal studio.
They are a great company and this is such a wonderful opportunity.

New horrizons (well skies actualy)

posted 18 Aug 2016, 10:28 by Richard Fraser

Finished up with a two month long gig with The Underground VFX and The Mission working on an advert. Pretty cool stuff and hopefully you'll get to see it this autumn and winter in the good ol' US of A.
Exciting multi layered and multi disciplined stuff.

Now I'm back working on a big budget sci-fi film with the guys at Luxa Studio in Beijing.
Lots of skies, sunsets, night time shots, nebulas and ocean effects.

Work keeps comming in

posted 15 Jul 2016, 10:03 by Richard Fraser

Wow it's getting hectic. No sooner than I finish work on the Jet Lee film than I get contacted by The Underground VFX to work on a top secret commercial.

Recent gigs

posted 26 Mar 2014, 03:03 by Richard Fraser   [ updated 26 Mar 2014, 03:49 ]

What else has been happening ...
Freelance Terragen work has been coming in.  Often this is difficult to post about because many (all nowadays) clients ask for an NDA to be signed so I can't in some cases even mention that I have been working on a particular project.  This is annoying but I guess understandable.
However here is a short list of some clients I have worked with.

Leap  Motion
I created all the backgrounds for their Freeform 3D sculpting application. Check it out, it really is a LOT of fun.

CroTeam, the makers of Serious Sam.
I created a snow capped mountain for an environment map for their latest game.

STIR is a young contemporary design agency based in Oslo Norway.
They asked me to produce some background plates "Earth from orbit" for their client, Kongsberg Maritime.
Check out my Terragen contribution is at 1.28 and 2.16.

New project for the new year

posted 24 Dec 2012, 11:09 by Richard Fraser   [ updated 24 Dec 2012, 11:11 ]

These two images have had a habit of cropping up this time of year, don't know why but it's been this way for a few years now. Well it's time to bite the bullet and give it a go.
Shackleton Endurance



posted 20 Dec 2012, 13:05 by Richard Fraser   [ updated 20 Dec 2012, 13:07 ]

Today I have been mostly re-directing the DNS and CNAME entries for my old web site to point to this site, my new FREE site. So now the FREE Google site ( is showing up as
Result is good, now I must change the link colours.

Getting closer to launch!

posted 19 Dec 2012, 13:11 by Richard Fraser

So after struggling with the facebook and google+ "like" buttons, something that seems to be a requirement nowadays, I think I've nailed it.
Check out this guys site for a relatively simple way to add the iframe code.
If I can carry on at this rate I'll be ready to go fully live at the beginning of 2013.

Site slowly coming together

posted 18 Dec 2012, 02:37 by Richard Fraser   [ updated 19 Dec 2012, 07:24 ]

Ok so still working out "Google Sites". For the most part it looks to be good. However I am having to finda work around to almost every design aspect that in the past I would have simply coded before. On the up side it is entirely FREE so that'll be a saving of about £100a year!

Post no 2

posted 18 Dec 2012, 02:36 by Richard Fraser

Hello world

My first post

posted 18 Dec 2012, 02:36 by Richard Fraser

Hello world

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